Data Base Calling Can Be An Unproductive Grind!

It seems easy to just jump on a phone and start calling but very little gets accomplished.

Calling into a random data-base of big and small opportunities can counterproductive.
This tool gives you a way to conduct highly targeted call campaigns that open more doorways.
Then this tool gives you the freedom to move from one campaign to another as needed.

We invite you to explore how you can create your game worth playing and winning. 

The result is you never fail to get from where you are to where you want to be in the future!


Targeted Suspect List

Create highly targeted call campaigns to groups with common interests.  


This tool offers a method for developing an array of call lists each aimed at a different group of people based on market area, category of asset, specific client or asset criteria, the condition of the asset and a promotional focus that appeals to their most central issues. The Targeted Suspect Lists method makes it possible to build a number of campaigns at the same time whether it be based on the size of the client, the product type, the financial or legal condition, or changes in the market. A selling agent may focus on one list for a number of call sessions or move between numerous call lists to cover a broader range of product sizes, locations and conditions. Once a call sessions begins it may only take a few calls to begin to understand what issues are of concern to the clients on a particular list. The fact that all clients on the list have common challenges takes the cold out of cold calling. If a Targeted Suspect List is used with a promo email and phone messages, calls get even warmer. 

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